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Camille & Haley

Dad taught Camille how to play her first 4 chords on a miniature guitar in their kitchen when she was 10 years old. She wrote her first song at 11, performed at the family Christmas party, and at 15 started writing songs inspired by their youth pastor’s sermons. Shortly after a few love songs to a boyfriend were birthed, she found that songwriting was one of her main passions.

With Haley, it all started at 13 when she was heard singing to the radio in the kitchen... Dad came out thinking it was Camille. Shocked to see Haley standing sheepishly alone, he shouted, “Haley, was that You?!?” She made family news that day as dad called each relative and Haley showed them her newly discovered talent. Soon she learned guitar because she wanted to play Taylor Swift’s first single ‘Tim McGraw’ in 2006. She started writing poetry (400 poems) and later started harmonizing & co-writing with Camille.

At 16 Camille became the head worship leader for Jubilee Christian Center. Haley soon joined the worship team and they continued leading together for about 5 years.

In January of 2011, their father David met Garth Brooks at local Whole Foods and Garth asked for a cd, which wasn’t existent at the time. David vowed that would be the last time he would ever be empty handed when a celebrity asked for a cd. He got inspired to get their music recorded in that moment and by March of 2011 they started on their recording journey! A new friend payed studio time for their first 3 songs in Tulsa, OK at Drapp Studios. By July they were in Nashville with a whole album recorded competing in Gospel Music Association’s “Immerse” competition, taking 3rd place for duo.

In March of 2012, they posted a music video of their original song “Game On” in support of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum and the video conjured 1 million views in 2 weeks. They then began to travel with Santorum singing their original country music, the National Anthem and his new theme song “Game On” at his campaigns in 5 different states over a 5 week period until his campaign ended in April 2012.

They have continued to sing and travel as invited at a variety of churches, conferences, charities, golf courses, luncheons, fundraisers, political events, private parties etc. and have recorded 5 original albums to date. Three are country-pop, one is Christian and in 2013 they completed their first full-length Christmas album.

They have now incorporated a list of over 200 clean popular songs in their performances, which are often 1-3 hour sets consisting of their original music and a wide variety of songs people know from artists like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel... & many more!

Camille & Haley now reside in Los Angeles and life has never been better. Recently when a lady told them they were “the most agreeable sisters” she had ever met, they looked at each other and said, “We share everything--clothes, food, a room, a car & a music career... We have no choice!”